About NerdVoid

NerdVoid is a gaming update, technology news and review site, we discuss the happenings around the world of gaming and technology, at nerdvoid, we are determined in bringing you our readers the most undiluted stories around the world of gaming. We believe gaming is fast becoming one of the most rapidly growing communities in all of all the communities, there fore there are thousands and thousands of updates around the community, for games, to game technologies, to streaming, to even game developing technologies, that’s where we come in, to bring those stories, the ones that matters, to your homepage.

We also write articles relating to tech and gaming, answering some of the most weirdest but intriguing questions, like this, and this ones. Stick with us you’re gonna love our growing community.

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NerdVoid started earlier 2020 , that is around March , and was finally live to the people on August 31st of 2020, developed by a young developer Tisey Soft , a gamer, and a game developer, buried deep in the world of gaming.

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