Among Us devs promises interesting updates are coming soon.

The game is promising some real nice updates

The game Among Us received a new update that introduced a Quickchat feature, giving players a series of prompts to choose from for more efficient communication. Developer Innersloth also teased that news about the “big update” is coming “soon.”

The studio revealed Among Us’ new feature on Twitter with a photo showcasing how it works. When opening the in-game chat menu, players will be greeted by a few different prompts related to various actions like accusing and responding. Innersloth said this feature is an “easier, faster, and safer option to play if you’re using text chat.”

There are a few different ways to communicate in Among Us, including chatting through an external program like Discord. The new Quickchat feature will supplement these methods. It’ll give players even more options to communicate and strategize with each other in-game.

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