Aragami 2 Release Date Confirmed With New Game play Reveal

PlayStation has just confirmed now Aragami 2 release date, the game is coming to the PS4 and PS5 September 17, and in spirit of the celebration, they decided to bless us with some game play reveal and a new trailer featuring a new cinematic reveal, so we can see what to expect, and I’m hyped!

According to the blog report, the game play mechanics was inspired by wanting to “create a combat system with supernatural ninja skills, which also encourages stealth over brute force. We thought the best way to achieve this was to give our characters agile and skillful movement, which empowers subterfuge and stealth assault instead of a lot of strength.”

They also explained how a three player co-op was going to work, we a=were taken back to Aragami according to the blog “The two-player co-op feature worked very well in Aragami: players loved beating the campaign alongside a friend and planning different strategies to complete the missions.” the blog reads “We were overwhelmed by the impressive amount of players sharing their walk throughs and also seeing them establishing their own identity combining different character skins and dyes.”

Because of the positive feedback from the last game, they were sure that co-op would be the pillar of Aragami 2.

” but deciding for a three player co-op instead of two or four, was more an iteration process than a pre- reasoned decision. Narratively , we had to create a sensation of a clan and not to center on a lonely ninja, and the option of a two-player co-op didn’t reinforce this idea. We first explored with a four-player co-op, which is more classic in video games, but that gave a lot of trouble when balancing and, in our opinion, the stealth component was easily lost.”

“When we tried with the three-player option, we immediately felt that we had found that sweet spot between feeling like being part of a clan or squad while maintaining the feeling of stealthiness and being outnumbered by the enemy. We had so much fun doing three-player speed runs competitions in the studio to see who arrived first to the end of a level!”

With the three player co-op game, there’s a wide variety of gaming strategies that can be used.

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