Call Of Duty : Warzone Publishers Ban 30,000 More Users

Warzone Bans Reach 475,000

Call Of Duty : Warzone publishers Raven Software took posted on their twitter account outlining they had already banned 30,000 more users

Alongside banning another 30,000 cheaters from Call of Duty: Warzone, bringing the total number of permabans up to 475,000, publisher Activision has outlined some steps it’s taking to further combat cheaters across the Call of Duty series like issuing hardware bans to repeat or serial offenders.

Our teams remain committed to rooting out cheaters and repeat offenders across Call of Duty ® and Call of Duty Warzone™ – today, we would like to share the following progress report, which includes aspects of how we work, our research, and further updates.

Cheaters are never welcome. To date, our security and enforcement team has issued more than 475,000 permabans in Call of Duty: Warzone. Yesterday’s large ban wave was our seventh high-volume set of bans since February. 

In addition, our security and enforcement teams also issue bans daily – seven days a week – to individual offenses or repeat offenders. The combination of daily bans plus large-scale ban waves are an integral focus of our efforts.

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Increased Call of Duty: Warzone Anti-Cheat Efforts

  • Utilizing 2-factor authentication to make it harder to access new accounts simply to cheat.
  • Ramping-up additional resources to support our security and enforcement teams.
  • Improving regular communications and updates.

Other efforts to combat cheating in Call of Duty include issuing daily bans (seven days a week) to individual offenses and repeat offenders, as well as permanently banning the hardware of repeat or serial offenders.

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