Cookie Policy


Nerdvoid Group and any of it’s subsidiaries, use a number of technology, to learn more about the people that uses our site, and you as our visitors have the right, to know about the technologies we use and how we use it.

Cookies And The Other Technologies We Use

We use cookies for a number of purposes on our site for example, saving information for the comment section, our bookmarking feature, and others like it.

here are the following types of cookies, and what we use them for

Analytics and Performance Cookies

These cookies are used to collect information about traffic to our Services and how users use our Services. The information gathered does not identify any individual visitor. The information is aggregated and therefore anonymous. It includes the number of visitors to our Services, the websites that referred them to our Services, the pages that they visited on our Services, what time of day they visited our Services, whether they have visited our Services before. This analytical cookies helps us understand our visitors, and what kind of post you’ll want to see more.

We use google analytics, which offers its own cookies to collect the traffic data about our services

Service Cookies

These cookies are essential to provide you with services available through our Services and to enable you to use its features, for example, the “remember my information” below the comment section and our bookmarking feature

You Have A Choice, Opt-Out Settings

You do have a choice to choose which cookies are right for you, and you can opt -out of them entirely, all you need to do is go to your site settings on your browser and adjust cookie preferences.


If you are just visiting for the very first time, you will receive a notification asking you to accept cookies for better experiences. accepting some of those cookies allows some of our features to work correctly.

Contact Us

If you have any other question concerning cookies, and any other concerns, reach out to us by writing to [email protected] or go to our contact us page.

last updated : 23rd may 2021