Facebook app to start rolling out dark mode for users

Both the Facebook app and the Facebook website have both recently underwent a massive redesign. Gone is the blue main color scheme that formerly was a staple of Facebook. Instead, we now have a slightly brighter tone of blue as highlights while the app’s main color is all white.

And this, at least in the case of the website and even the Facebook Lite app, was introduced together with a toggle for switching between light and dark mode, with dark mode taking all of the white and turning it dark. Android users were, however, left with an obnoxiously bright app. Well, we bring you good news today: Facebook has started to more broadly roll out Dark Mode for its official Android app.

The announcement was first made by Jane Manchun Wong, who normally tweets about unreleased features in many apps (including Facebook), but the tweet was actually made in collaboration with official company spokespersons this time around. The rollout will take some time, though, as it doesn’t seem to be available on my end just yet, even after updating to beta version

Instagram, WhatsApp, and even Messenger have already gotten dark mode support built into the app, so it’s high time for the Facebook app to also get a dark theme. As I said before, both the main website and the Lite app have supported dark mode already for a few months, so it was really just the mobile app that lacked support for it. It’s really good to see app developers support dark mode (even if support comes in this late): As more apps pivot towards whiter and brighter designs, dark themes provide a much-needed break for your eyes.

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