Fortnite Leaks Surprisingly Suggest The Return of Tilted Towers

Fortnite leaks and theories suggest that several OG locations may be returning to the game.

The changes might include some iconic locations from the old Fortnite map. The community is always enthused when elements from the old Fortnite map get re-added. 

However, most of the leaks and theories heavily depend on the outcome of the Nexus War. Speculations suggest that Fortnite will experience a major shift after the Galactus event has taken place. 

This is just a theory , this no way suggest this might be cannon. however

The first significant theory has to do with Tilted Towers returning to the Fortnite map. Although, this theory is still highly speculative and this might not be the case later on.

Reports suggest that Fortnite will experience a black hole similar to what happened at the beginning of Chapter 2. Twitter user @Aiden_Curry explained in a tweet what would transpire after the Galactus event.

This might be a significant hint from Epic Games as the alleged return of Tilted Towers seems to fit perfectly in this theory after The Seven crash-land with their ships. Major leaks are pointing to the return of alot of old features in fortnite, but it’s only proper for players to keep an open mind. Whatever the update is, we are in for a surprise!

Hopefully, by the end of the Nexus War, players will get to see more than just a glimpse of the Old Fortnite Map in Chapter 2 – Season 4. Several are hoping that the Galactus Event will bring together the entire Fortnite narrative into one.

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