Google’s Smartwatch partnership with Samsung doesn’t look good

In the years since Google introduced the Wear OS there really hasn’t been any good android powered smartwatch, the Tizen powered watch by Samsung was what people had to deal with for years, these watches work best with Samsung phones, they work averagely well with other android phones.

Google on the other hand has struggled to gain dominance in the smartwatch market, as Google decided to partner up with Samsung’s Tizen wearable OS, for a new one called “WearOS”.

google x samsung

Google is trying again to gain dominance in the market with this deal, this time Samsung Tizen is helping fill in the gaps, that Google has tried so hard to fill but they simply can’t. This is good news for majority of android users that wants to get themselves a decent smartwatch.

The question is, why does google need this partnership anyways, google is the creator Android, one of the most robust mobile OS is the modern times, this OS powers more than 3 Billion smartphones and devices around the world, google has committed more than $40Million on some smartwatch project in 2019, they also just recently bought Fitbit for $2.1Billion, they also have a $1.1 billion HTC’s smartphone design team, and their Pixel hardware group!, why hasn’t google dominated the smartwatch industry with limitless resources, team, and money.

Despite the mind blowing hardware, software and engineering resource, google has failed to get its smartwatch platform to actually be a thing.

Google at one point reportedly had a pixel watch in the works at a point, but scrapped the idea after fears of bringing down Google’s hardware ecosystem, Google watches could actually dominate if they actually put in the efforts that has been made on the pixel phones, Pixel devices are gaining dominance little by little because of the representation pixel devices have, Google’s pure untainted vision for what android could be.

But for the past few years, there’s been no cohesive vision for what Wear OS should be; Google hasn’t offered one. And by the looks of the recent Samsung partnership, it’s choosing to punt on the issue entirely, handing off the business of imagining the future of Android wearable to one of its partners instead.

And it’s so concerning that Google one of the powerhouse in technology had to go knocking to competing company to partner in doing what Google alone can achieve.

Google hasn’t shown any sign of handling the next phase better than their last try, unless Google has one or more tricks up their sleeves, this isn’t looking any good.

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