Huawei plans to strike back at the heart of Google’s Android.

During a pop talk this week Huawei’s chair man Guo Ping has told his audience (Huawei’s employees) addressing the power Google has on the Android OS.

he has also ended , the silence President Trump’s latest salvo, cutting Huawei’s access to the chipsets powering its flagship smartphones.

Guo said

“The world is also looking forward to a new open system,”

Huawei’s chairman

“And since Huawei helped Android to succeed, why not make our own system successful?” 

Huawei’s chairman

 “HiSilicon will grow stronger in several years,”

Huawei’s chairman

“it was not an easy decision for us, as a smartphone company, to develop our own Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem. It’s very difficult and very challenging. But we delivered a better-than-expected script for the first year.”

According to Forbes Huawei has maintained throughout that it wants nothing more than a return to normal, where normal is Google back on its new devices.

That said, one can assume Huawei isn’t going to backtrack on HMS now, not given that it secures a future for the company’s smartphones that’s not reliant on U.S. tech.

As hard as replacing Google is, and many analysts suggested it was near impossible, the current chipset issue is much worse.

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