Iron Gate CEO warns players of the ‘Evil-World Destroyer Bug’

Valheim developer Iron Gate is advising all players to back up their world and characters, as the “evil world-destroyer bug is still roaming free.”

Iron Gate’s CEO Richard Svensson took to Twitter to share the warning, and let Valheim players know that the developer has yet to reproduce the bug even once, meaning it is still impacting certain players.

Also the game bug occurs when you close the game with just “ALT + F4”

“seems to occur more often if you exit the game by ALT+F4, so try to use menu->exit instead.”

Valheim has been a huge success for Iron Gate, despite being in Early Access, and it sold over one million copies in just 8 days. The game hit the top most played games on Steam and has a player base of almost 400,000 people as of Feb. 14 2021.

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