Is there Sexism In e-Sports?

Sexism has been an alarming topic when it comes to a lot of things, and with the recent rise in gaming and e-sports, we have had quite a few notable personalities in the e-sports and gaming community talk about sexism in the field.

A recent tweet was made by Froskurinn (Indiana Juniper Black) a very notable league of legends e-sports caster , and Sjokz (Eefje Depoortere) which did beg quite a lot of questions.

Well the Nerdvoid team decided to write on this to actually spread the awareness since there isn’t much articles tackling this points.

Why women struggle in e-sports

Well the truth is, Sexism does exist in e-sports. And the sad truth is, Pro gamer girls need a thick skin and the ability to withstand psychological abuse on a completely different level than males. In condemning females as being incapable of competing in gaming alongside men, and normally a lot of folks, just shield their self with the excuse of “there aren’t a lot of pro gamer girls out there”, and this claim can easily be discredited .

First of all There are no studies that show girls are weaker players than boys. You can use the argument that there are far more men than women in pro gaming, but that’s due to excessive sexism and doesn’t relate to skill level in almost all cases. StarCraft II player Scarlett was recognized as one of the strongest players in the scene at the moment, consistently beating top-ranked opponents, despite being “a gamer girl”.

The fact is that there are way less women competing in gaming than men. As a result, there’s less potential for having female players skilled enough to make it to the top of the scene, simply because there’s a smaller player pool of women only.

All these complex reasons for why sexism is so prevalent in gaming boil down to a simple truth –female gamers just aren’t taken seriously. Because the community is dominated by men, we assume everyone is. Women then stick out as sort of exceptions to the rule, and they either need to conceal their gender or openly express it.

  In the first scenario, a woman is afraid of revealing who she is, because she understands the repercussions of doing so and the backlash that will follow. And insults targeted towards female gamers rarely attack the way they play; more often than not they’re just gender abuse. The male community treats women like outsiders and that’s why so many girls hide behind male avatars and nicknames – they don’t want to be blamed for being themselves.

The banal sexist remarks and misogynistic jokes we’ve all grown accustomed to as a result of constant stereotyping. Thankfully, people have become more sensible in their comments as we’ve reached at least some minimum level of gender acceptance. 

A Solution?

Everyone could make this easier simply by avoiding misogynistic remarks they’d never use in person. When referring to a player, talk about their skill, strengths, weaknesses and exclude gender from your mindset. This goes both ways, men and women, boys and girls., Never judge someone skills based on gender, because it 100% has nothing to do with it.

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