Meet Mark Zuckerberg, the youngest man worth $100 Billion

Mark Zuckerberg, a 36-year-old, self-made billionaire is presently the youngest individual on planet earth to ever be worth at least $100 billion. The leading millennial is the co-founder and chief executive of Facebook, the world’s biggest social media company.

Mark Zuckerberg

At the time of writing the publication Mark is currently worth $104 Billion , making him the 5th richest man on the planet.

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004 The $780 billion valued social media juggernaut, owners of Instagram, WhatsApp business has over 2.5 billion monthly users. It’s initial public offering about a decade ago was the largest-ever technology IPO at the time.

In addition, the centi-billionaire is known for modesty amid his high wealth valuation on the account that he drives an affordable car and wears basic clothes but appears to have a high taste for premium real estate properties.

Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have over the years invested billions of dollars into childhood education and medical research.

Mark Zuckerberg also stated very recently that he was going to support people get the COVID-19 vaccine ;

“We’re launching a global campaign to help bring 50 million people a step closer to getting Covid-19 vaccines.

“First, we’re launching a tool that shows you when and where you can get vaccinated and gives you a link to make an appointment. This will be in the Covid Information Center, which we’ll show people right in their News Feed. We’ve already seen people use Facebook to find vaccination appointments, so this should enable millions of more people to do the same.

Second, we’re bringing the Covid Information Center to Instagram, and we’ll show it to people prominently there too.

“Third, we’re working with health authorities and governments to expand their WhatsApp chatbots to help people register for vaccines. More than 3 billion messages related to Covid have already been sent by governments, non-profits, and international organizations to citizens through official WhatsApp chatbots, so this update will help with the vaccination effort as well.”

Mark Zuckerberg gas decide to be very well committed to using tools around him help spread more awareness about COVID-19, what do you think? Comment your thoughts below.

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