Microsoft is bringing Xbox Auto HDR feature to Windows

Microsoft is planning to automatically add HDR support to more than 1,000 PC games. The software maker is now testing a new Auto HDR feature on Windows 10. Enabling Auto HDR will add high dynamic range (HDR) to a large number of DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games, as long as you have a compatible HDR monitor.

Auto HDR can be enabled in the latest Windows 10 test build (21337) released to Windows Insiders today. It should be automatically enabled, or you can toggle it in the display part of settings. Auto HDR is just in preview for now, and not all top DirectX 11 / 12 games will support it just yet. Microsoft is also working to optimize performance and fix some issues.

Windows 10 – image: Microsoft

In other updates coming to windows. The Windows 10 will soon include custom backgrounds for each Virtual Desktop, with the ability to easily reorder desktops. Microsoft is also adding additional padding between elements in File Explorer. There’s a compact mode now with the classic File Explorer mode, and the new view is a little more touch-optimized.

Notepad also has a new icon now and will be updated via the Microsoft Store. Microsoft is also updating the apps it bundles with Windows 10, to include Windows Terminal and Power Automate Desktop.

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