Miitopia Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Miitopia, the Nintendo 3DS RPG where characters based on players’ Miis go on fantasy-style adventures, was announced for the Nintendo Switch.

Miitopia turns Nintendo’s Mii avatar system into a charming RPG where characters will battle enemies, travel to different worlds, build their homes, and make relationships with other players. Originally released for the 3DS in 2017, the RPG is getting a serious bump when it comes to the Nintendo Switch on May 21.

In this game, you’ll band together on a Mii-centric quest to save evil and save Miitopia. Like in the original, you’ll be able to create your own character as a Mii. New makeup and wig features are available in the game’s Switch release. Relationships are key in this game so you’ll need to spend quality time with allies to strengthen bonds, which also gives you great advantages in battle.

You can make a Mii for your best friend or your worst enemy and cast them as the Evil Dark Lord or any of the other customizable characters in the game, the game hasn’t been released yet, we’re still waiting for it to be out the year’s May.

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