Parler is now back online

The Twitter-like app was a favourite among supporters of former US President Donald Trump and right-wing conservatives.

It was banned from Google and Apple’s app stores and Amazon’s web-hosting service, after an armed mob broke into the US Capitol building on 6 January.

But now, the self-styled free-speech platform says it is “here to stay”.

Parler said the plan was to bring the service back online for existing users first, with new users able to sign up in a week’s time.

And it was no longer working with a “big-tech” provider but was “built on sustainable, independent technology”.

During its gap in service, the company also sacked vocal chief executive John Matze, replacing him with interim boss Mark Meckler

“We will thrive as the premier social-media platform dedicated to free speech, privacy, and civil dialogue,” Mr Meckler said.

And the decision of other technology companies to cut ties with Parler had been taken “by those who desire to silence tens of millions of Americans”.

While users who already have the app downloaded can log in, it is more difficult to install onto phones that did not have it before.

Android users must “sideload” the software, meaning it has to be sourced and installed without using Google’s Play Store.

And iPhone users trying to reinstall the app or download it for the first time from Apple’s App Store are told it is “not currently available”.

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