PlayStation Users Selling PS Plus Access Could Get Them Banned

The PlayStation Plus Collection gives PS5 owners access to some of the biggest PS4 games as part of their standard PS Plus subscription, but you cannot claim the games via PS4. That led to a market of PS5 owners offering to sell access to these games via temporary guest logins on their console. This is very dangerous business , as Sony could get you banned for making this play. For those who doesn’t understand the way this whole thing works,

PS5 owner offers to claim PS Plus Collection games for a PS4 owner, then the PS4 owner gives them their login details so the PS5 owner can claim the games, then the PS5 owner signs back out of the account after claiming games. the PS4 owner changes their password.

As it turns out, Sony isn’t a big fan of players doing this. According to VGC, Hong Kong PlayStation 5 players who have sold access to the games, as well as the PS4 players who purchased them–are having their accounts banned. The bans on the accounts don’t appear to be permanent, but the PS5 consoles themselves can no longer connect to PSN.

Given that online access is required for nearly everything in modern gaming, including finishing installations of disc-based games, in many cases, this essentially renders the PS5 systems useless.

December 2020 PlayStation Plus Free Games

Available December 1 to January 4

  • Just Cause 4
  • Rocket Arena
  • Worms Rumble
  • Bugsnax – PS5 version only

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