Riot reveals an all new champion, Gwen

Riot Games released a new trailer today called “Made with Love,” revealing Gwen to be the next character to join the game’s growing roster of champs.

The trailer begins with a whole different setting, just a woman sewing a doll, many fans quickly imagined this to be Isolde, because of leaks suggesting Isolde being the next champion, and she was believed to be a seamstress.

Riot Games

Later one we see the seamstress with Viego, and the doll in the background, but the seamstress just *poof* disappears from the scene leaving just Viego and the doll in the background, this is probably because Isolde dies.

we were able to get more information on the doll through the description of the trailer, the trailer reads :

Once upon a time, a seamstress made a darling little doll. This doll loved her maker very much, but sadly, tragedy ripped them apart, sending the doll to sink beneath sea and sorrow. Centuries passed, but the doll was not deterred, for she knew love would find her again.

Although there isn’t so much information for us to really figure out whats going on, but riot should drop more information in the coming weeks, but obviously this champ isn’t Isolde like fans originally thought, it seems riot games pulled the 180 on us. lol

I’m going to embed the video here, you can watch it and if you see any more information, let us know in the comments.

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