RockStar wants us to be 60 before releasing GTA 6

Its been 7 years since GTA V came out, nothing since then!
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It’s been 7 years since Rockstar released GTA V (grand theft auto 5) and fans has been clamouring for a new GTA, Rock Star has been quiet about any news or any plans about a new GTA game.

Recently Rockstar has revealed that GTA V and GTA Online will be available for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on November 11th. You should get the same “expanded and enhanced” experience on either platform, although Sony clearly has a special deal — the standalone version of GTA Online will be free exclusively to PS5 owners during the first three months.

The developer is already giving PS4 players $1 million in virtual GTA Online currency at the start of each month until the game’s PS5 debut.

Rockstar hasn’t outlined just how its open-world experience will improve with new consoles besides promising technical and visual improvements, although it’s safe to say performance won’t be an issue.

however fans has been clamoring on social media how they’d rather have a new GTA game than some “enhanced” GTA V on next gen consoles, seeing how the game has been around for 7 years, fans are getting pissed, and rockstar’s silence on this doesn’t signifies any hope.

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