The Last Of Us 2 is getting a PS5 exclusive performance update

The Last Of Us 2 is getting a performance update, It’s a free upgrade takes the form of a 299MB patch – version 1.08, pushing the game to 60 frames per second (FPS) , announced on the official PlayStation blog, the update offers options for 30 FPS or 60 FPS frame rate targets. The new patch for the game will offer PS5 players a frame rate toggle in the Display options menu.

Last Of Us 2

Luckily Digital Foundry has already reviewed this and can confirm it’s a really amazing update, according to the review it was stated that “PS5 is capable not just of doubling PS4 Pro performance but in many cases exceeding it,” after the patch. Even in areas that PS4 Pro could struggle with at 30FPS, such as scenes featuring a lot of water, the PS5 version reportedly runs at a locked 60 frames.

Digital foundry also said a little something about the loading times, “Loading times? They’re improved to a certain extent, but the relatively limited nature of the boost here hammers home that this is a backwards compatible release, not a native PlayStation 5 app” .

according tho the review during play, The Last of Us Part 2 is basically a continuous, seamless experience – streaming in the background as you play with no interruptions for loading. But initial loads can’t be masked, and in one sample here, a 91 second wait on PS4 Pro reduces down to 43 seconds on PS5 – just over twice as fast. It’s nice to see an improvement, but owing to the nature of the code, it cannot access PS5’s lower level storage APIs that see the SSD perform at its best.”

However, this really isn’t a fully remastered game, just some enhancement, according to the blog, naughty dog is still finding new possibilities the PlayStation 5 can unlock.

Digital Foundry gave a really detailed review you can read the entire review here read the official blog here. be sure to follow us on twitter, we are still growing and your support would go a long way.

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