The Rift Breaker Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass This Fall

it will be available for Xbox consoles and windows PC

EXOR Studios has announced that the Rift Breaker is showing up on Xbox Game Pass this fall, and it will be available for Xbox consoles and windows PC

the studios took twitter yesterday to announce this, and Xbox Game Pass retweeted further confirming this.

However you can already download the Rift Breaker prologue and play from the windows store on PCs , this demo allows you to experience a lot of action before the game actually releases this fall!

In case you have no idea what the game is about, but you still want to play, (we’ve all been there) Rift Breaker is a mix of a base-builder, survival and action based RPG, you play the role of Captain Ashley Nowak, Armed with a very powerful mecha suit , travels to a very distance planet, called Galatea 37 , her task is to prepare this world for human colonization.

Screen grab by Xbox

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