The threat Apple monopoly brings to the tech world and its users.

So , Its no news that the apple iPhone 12 launched and everyone already knows what is going on with these new and latest devices already. So in case you haven’t heard Apple decided to remove the two basic essential parts of the whole box , the charger and the earphones. so that they could “save the environment”.

When it comes to stripping beloved features from its products, Apple has form. Perhaps most infamously, the company removed the headphone port from the iPhone 7 (at the same time, coincidentally, as it launched its first wireless AirPods), in a decision it said took “courage”.

According to ;

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 12 during a live event Tuesday that is designed with 5G capabilities and a new camera, but leaves out the charger and EarPods – and customers are disgusted by the news.

The tech giant claims the move is to reduce the smartphone’s overall impact on the environment.

However, not only are users paying $799 for the handset, a $200 increase from the iPhone 11, but now they have to also spend nearly $90 to purchase the once free devices.

They went on to add :

The tech giant seemed to excitedly announce that users can now purchase the $39 MagSafe Charger and the $49.99 Beats Flex wireless earphones in their place .

Apple customers were outraged following the event, more so that the firm says the  move is to reduce emissions – many believe it is simply a ploy to save money.

Still the

And yes it is a ploy to make more money because apple didn’t just realized that the environment exist, and honestly if there whole environment story was true, we’ll see some genuine decrease in price of the iPhone 12, not charging extra for it. Now in case you don’t understand what the whole “lets save the environment” thing apple is saying , I got you covered.

Apple claims that removing the charger and earbuds is a purely environmental move. Not only will it allow for a smaller iPhone box (and for more iPhones to therefore fit in shipping containers, classic saving of money), but it also “reduces carbon emissions and avoids the mining and use of precious materials.” Apple says these changes will “cut over 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually, equivalent to removing nearly 450,000 cars from the road per year”.


Now if you read that quote finish, you’re probably asking your self, “is that why I don’t have a charger in my box?

But Honestly, Taken on its own, this seems like an admirable decision on Apple’s part. But as many users have pointed out, there are a couple of problems. Firstly, in the very same launch presentation , Apple made a big deal of the fact that its iPhone pricing is “the same as last year”. Indeed, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max cost the same $999/$1099 respectively as the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max. But the latter came with earbuds and a power adaptor. According to The Next Web, bought separately, these will cost the user an extra $38. For a first time buyer , this sounds pretty bad.

But Apple has also made the truly galling decision to swap the included USB cable for a USB-C version. Most people won’t have a spare USB-C power adapter, since the only iPhone ever to ship with one was last year’s iPhone 11 Pro. It’s obvious, Apple wants you to buy a new one.

How this Affects Apple ‘s Reputation

Well after reading all this, I am pretty sure its clear to you now, its obvious that Apple only cares about the money, and doesn’t care at all about the user experience, and for a tech company this is bad, really bad. the iPhone 12 launch just proves it even more. And for a tech company that values money more than its user experience, I think its safe for us to start questioning how safe our information is on Apple.

Apple holds a massive amount of information on its hands, and as a company that values money far more than user experience and feedback, I no longer feel safe with Apple owning my data anymore. Its no doubt that my information are going to get sold just for another few billion dollars.


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