Top 5 Best Survival Games For PC

Here are the top 5 best survival games out there hand picked by us, on this week’s nerdvoid editors pick If you are looking to jump into a survival game but you’re not sure which, we’re pretty sure you’d be able to pick on of these, lets get into it then.



This game offers a very different type of survival, it’s a depiction of a group of civilians struggling to stay alive in their war ravaged country, trapped in a house, and pinned down by brutal snipers, also you’re going to get attacked by furious survivors looking to take all the stuff you have, so be ready to shoot…. anyone! survivors have backstories providing them with different abilities for survival, there are a lot of things you are going to need to survive, and I mean, food, a place to stay, woods, medicine, all these things aren’t easy to find so watch out, some rival survivor is lurking around.

This War Of Mine is available on steam


You see the thing about survival games, one of the things that makes these kid of games fun is having to meet other survivors, but in Don’t Starve, you have to survive, and you have to do it alone! although, if you’re a kind of person that hates playing alone, Don’t starve comes to the rescue by allowing you to play with a friend, and it’s actually one of the best co-op survival games.

Don’t starve focuses heavily on crafting to actually make your way with the game, crafting to survive, you’d be mostly crafting different kind of tools tho, instead of houses and palaces like Minecraft and the likes.

Don’t starve is available for Windows PCs, Mac and even Linux System, download now on steam


Okay Minecraft! If you are out for the best survival games out there, then Minecraft will definitely satisfy your appetite (if that makes any sense) Minecraft isn’t all about that horror, zombie, bloody kind of a survival game, infact long before we started having zombies related survival game on steam, we had minecraft a subtle survival game, with literally anything you can imagine, and also if you like crafting stuff, then just go ahead and buy cause it has a whole lot of crafting.


How you survive in Minecraft, is basically how you choose to, you can play defense by building fortresses or take a weapon and go hunting!

Minecraft is available on Windows Store, Xbox PlayStation and even Linux systems.


In other to survive in this game, you must build shelter, stack up food, gather strength before going to seek battle and battles, everything you want, you must earn, The meadows you begin your journey in are relatively safe, but the gradually generated wilds contain various biomes of escalating difficulty .

This game was launched on the 2ndof February on steam early access and has already suprised gamers with is vary vast open world system, in this game, there’s never a dull moment

get in on steam.


Rust the game that requires maximum patience to get through, this survival game, makes you really have to survive, as you spawn into the game with nothing, you have to craft your way into surviving, you have to actually build stuff, a lot of stuff.

Rust is unique in its own way because there’s actually a lot of servers that has different purposes, you can find player-created towns, complete with attempts at government, trading, and so much more.

Rust has seem quite a massive surge in player base since a lot of streamers have been playing recently, if you want to join in, download for windows PC on steam.

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