Twitter is looking into why its photo preview favors white faces over Black faces

Twitter it was looking into why the neural network it uses to generate photo previews apparently chooses to show white people’s faces more frequently than Black faces.

Several Twitter users demonstrated the issue over the weekend, posting examples of posts that had a Black person’s face and a white person’s face. Twitter’s preview showed the white faces more often.

The informal testing began after a Twitter user tried to post about a problem he noticed in Zoom’s facial recognition, which was not showing the face of a Black colleague on calls.

When he posted to Twitter, he noticed it too was favoring his white face over his Black colleague’s face.

the preview algorithm chose non-Black cartoon characters as well

Twitter chief design officer Dantley Davis tweeted that the company was investigating the neural network, as he conducted some unscientific experiments with images:

witter chief technology officer Parag Agrawal tweeted that the model needed “continuous improvement,” adding he was “eager to learn” from the experiments.

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