What If Facebook Got Deleted Today?

Facebook has been part of our lives all over the world for almost 17 good years, it is now deep within ecosystem, and with recent backlash at Facebook for all kind of policies and advertisement scandals and so on, a lot of people even want Facebook deleted today for several reasons, I think it’s safe to look at the possibilities of Facebook being deleted, would we ever survive the outcome? how will business be affected? how will politics be affected? would people get over not having Facebook around? Lets have a look at it together, gab a coffee and let’s dive in!

Brief History As To How Facebook Started and How big it His Today.
Mark Zuckerberg

It all began in 2003, when a Havard fresher geek, a boy named Mark Zuckerberg created an online program called “Face-mash”, which allowed users to objectify fellow students by comparing photos of their faces and selecting who they deemed as “hotter”, Well Harvard didn’t like that idea so they decided to punish Mark for his crazy idea.

While Zuckerberg faced punishment from the Harvard administration and narrowly escaped expulsion from the college altogether for his actions, “Facemash” provided the framework for what was to become Facebook. Online “face books” already existed at Harvard at the time. These were online directories that featured photos of students alongside some information about them.

There wasn’t a single “face book” for the whole student body of Harvard university, which is why Zuckerberg came up with the idea to create one. and that was how the one single website took over the world, today Facebook as a monthly users of 2.8 BILLION people, that’s almost half of the world’s population, I think it’s safe to say Facebook is a really really successful invention.

How Facebook Has Mixed into Our Daily Lives.

Facebook was originally created to connect the world together, adding friends, sharing thoughts, making memories, and messaging old friends, even though it’s still serves that purpose, Facebook has created a ton of other features to it, that makes it very very powerful, with Facebook introducing Pages, that allows users to showcase products and services for other tech companies, movies, games and even public figures, hundreds of million earn actual money with Facebook, Facebook also added groups where people can come together and talk about a certain topic. Facebook has gone from just connecting with people to where people actually earn a living.

The Obvious Loss Of Many Jobs.

Now back on the topic, if for some reasons the wizards at Facebook just decide to hit the delete button, and wipe out the entire Facebook from existence, the first thing we are going to witness is a LOT of people losing their jobs, although it might not always seem like it, there are a lot of people making solid bank from Facebook, and I’m not just talking huge social media influence-rs, I’m talking about the average person with a 100,000 likes on his page, making a monthly $250 to pay bills and took like years to built that following, Facebook being deleted will first of all wipe out all of those along with millions of people solo Facebook pages, leaving quite a lot of people back on the hunt for a job at McDonald’s XD .

Apart from a public figure earning directly from a Facebook Page, there are people who uses Facebook as a method of driving traffic to the product or service, News Pages, E-commerce businesses, all of thse too are poof, gone! which means we’ll all have to start looking to other ways to engage customers, which can be really really hard.

The People That Just Want to Connect.

This may come as a big shock to all you guys, but not everybody uses Facebook as a platform to argue about Donald Trump or Joe Biden, a lot of people are on Facebook because of the original reason it was created, connect with old friends that they haven’t met since like a LONG time ago, to message people they think they may know, to make group chats, to make new friends. and to those “memers” that share crazy funny memes on different topics every 5 seconds of their lives XD Facebook brings smiles on a lot of people faces daily. If Facebook goes, poof all that goes away, a lot of people are going to be empty, without those old friends those “Haha” rectors, to crazy group chat hangouts, it’s gonna eradicate a feeling inside a lot of people.

The Facebook Group Owners

I once created a Group about some crazy Avatar; The Last Air bender topic, and it all of a sudden gained a lot of users, for no apparent reason, I added a girl as a mod, so we started talking and we got to know each other, she told me she was disabled for years now and that making her a mod of the group actually filled her with a sense of purpose now and that just warmed my heart.

And I’m pretty sure a lot of people feel this way about their groups, the sweat and hard work put into making the group an actual place to be in cannot just be deleted, this can lead to chaotic riots and crazy crises that we really don’t need right now.

The Lack Of Competitors

One of the reasons Facebook has grown so big is part of the major reasons Facebook is so popular, and some might argue that Facebook, inc has a very monopolistic way of running business ensuring no competitors outmatch their app, whilst that may be true,as of now there really isn’t anyone going toe to toe with the giant, which makes every one so dependent on Facebook.


A lot of people are pissed at Facebook, but despite bad publicity Facebook numbers still seem to be rising so freaking fast, it reportedly added almost 100 million users as of December last year, to Feb. 2021, this goes to show what ever Facebook is doing, it’s still fetching users, and if for some reason it does get deleted, a lot of people will get deleted along with it, until someone figures out how to beat Facebook, I’m afraid Facebook will be impossible to delete, otherwise it might affect everything we know of in a bad way.

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