Wild rift closed beta is coming to more regions.

Currently, the closed beta is only playable by select invitees in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. This closed beta will be paused in early October before a wider release happens “a few days later.” During the pause, all progress will be reset. Riot says this is done to ensure that everyone entering the closed beta for the first time are on “equal footing.”

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For players who have already made some in-game purchases, don’t worry, as Riot will be returning all the Wild Cores bought by players with a 20 percent boost. Wild Cores are the game’s premium currency and is similar to RP on League.

Riot has said it plans to add a “lot more players” from different regions to the closed beta when it resumes in early October. Make sure you have pre-registered for the game on the Play Store to receive an invite.

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