Xbox series X users are now reporting tons of issues

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launched worldwide last week, and it looks like Microsoft’s next-gen console is having a few teething problems alongside the PS5.

Users are reporting instances of malfunctioning disc drives that won’t accept discs, worryingly loud disc drives, and a console-breaking bug that stops the hardware from powering on, rende wering it useless. 

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Ignoring reports of smoking Xbox Series X consoles from Reddit that have been dismissed by Xbox as vape smoke, reports on the assortment of other issues seem to be more substantial. 

One Twitter user posted a clip of their console making a series of clicking sounds in both a horizontal and vertical position.

Meanwhile, other videos posted to social media, like this one and this one show instances of an excessively loud disc drive.

YouTuber ThePapiGfunk shared a video citing connectivity issues between the wireless controller and the console, as well as an apparent issue that has seen the console stop working altogether. 

The content creator says he’s spoken to Xbox Support service who have advised him to send it back, and that a replacement Xbox Series X will be with him in 10-14 business days.

He’s not the only one with a completely broken machine; a Microsoft help thread is full of similar reports, while a thread on ResetEra also has multiple reports of this issue. 

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